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Rapid Reckoning Limited registered in England and Wales, company number 07086684, registered address

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We are an independent, local, business focused on providing bookkeeping, management accounts and financial controls to small businesses and non-profit organisations in the Aldershot and Farnham area.


The accounting systems our clients have chosen to keep their financial records include Sage, Simply Books, KashFlow and Xero. Apart from straightforward day-to-day entries, we have the ability to deal with more unusual or complex issues such as foreign currency transactions, factoring and Internet trading. We can provide advice on what accounting systems to use and can assist in transferring records from one system to another, especially from Sage to online software.

We work on client sites using their software or remotely using online software such as KashFlow and Xero or remote access tools such as LogMeIn.

Management accounts

Bookkeeping results in a database of information about the finances of the business. Apart from using this to prepare year end accounts and tax returns, it can be used to produce regular management accounts. We can prepare these in a format that is tailored to suit the individual business and which enables managers and owners to really understand the finances and plan for the future with confidence.

Financial control

We can act as a part time financial controller to your business. This can involve helping your bookkeeper or administrator to deal with more complex issues and historic problems or developing more efficient processes. We can apply checks to give assurance that the accounting records are correct.

We can also do

VAT returns; as well as preparing and filing VAT returns, we can perform checks to reduce the risk of incorrect figures being used.

Credit control; ensuring customers pay on time and managing payments to suppliers.

Cash flow forecasts.


What we do not do

If you need limited company accounts for filing with Companies House, tax returns or tax advice, we cannot help directly. That sort of work is best done by people doing it all the time. We can help you to find an accountant who can assist with these things.

HMRC can impose penalties on businesses that do not keep adequate accounting records. We can help you to avoid these penalties. To find out more about their requirements, see HMRC’s website.

More about online accounting software here.

We work with business owners and managers to ensure they have efficient processes for meeting their legal obligations and to help them understand their finances.

What is the difference between accountants and bookkeepers?

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Do you want to get paid on time? The first step is to issue an invoice. For some advice on this, click here.

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Contact us to discuss the financial management needs of your business. We do not charge for first meetings.